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Bettering our State.

Growing our Community.

Fundraising Professional • Former Alderman of Rockford • Former Director of Advancement, Rockford Christian Schools • Northern Illinois University Graduate • Cubs Fan (Next year will be our year)

LEADERSHIP for Economic Growth

  • We need a strong State to grow jobs. We must expand economic opportunity for all through JOBS not government.

  • Grow local businesses and organizations rather than big government programs.

  • Decrease property taxes for everyone.

the State

  • Reduce our wasteful spending by being smart.

  • Reform our state pensions NOW before we are completely bankrupt.

  • Redistricting reform to get rid of political cronyism and lifetime government jobs.

BETTER RESULTS for a Better Future

  • Let’s improve schools through competition.

  • Support parents through choice in education.

  • Have accountability with a 5-year budget plan, not piecemeal political plans.